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“Durian has a great potential as an agricultural product in the overseas market. The figures will prove it, so will its smell.”

– Mr Jeremy Chin M. S.

Mr Jeremy Chin

LKE Musang Queen

Launched in 2020, LKE Legacy Plan, under LKE Musang Queen, is a partnership project between partners and LKE Musang Queen, involving 20 phases with various land sizes. Each phase has been and will be planted with premium durian varieties. The notable strength of LKE Musang Queen which put it in a position far ahead of its competitors in the industry is that every phase will be fully planted with durian trees complete with all necessary infrastructure before it is launched for partner participation.


As of April 2021, the project has commenced its third phase (BananaX) of durian plantation for partner participation, while the second phase (MangoX) of durian plantation is still ongoing, launched in December 2020, and still has available units for interested partners. The planning and development of the next phases of the plantation are currently underway, namely the anticipated fourth, fifth and sixth phases, referred to as CoconutX, NanasX and PapayaX respectively.





Phase 1

  • Launched in June 2020
  • Land size: 14 acres
  • Total trees: 630
  • Durian variety: Musang King
View GalleryJune 2020

Phase 2

  • Launched in December 2020
  • Land size: 8 acres
  • Total trees: 480
  • Durian variety: Black Thorn
View GalleryDecember 2020

Phase 3

  • Launched in April 2021
  • Land size: 5 acres
  • Total trees: 225
  • Durian varieties:
    • 50% Black Thorn
    • 30% Musang King
    • 20% Golden Phoenix, Red Flesh & Golden Bun
View GalleryApril 2021

Phase 4

  • Launched in January 2022
  • Land size : 7 acres
  • Total trees : 250 trees
  • Durian varieties:
    • 60% Black Thorn
    • 28% Musang King
    • 6% Tekka
    • 6% D101
View GalleryFebruary 2022

Phase 5

  • Launched in April 2022
  • Land size : 5 acres
  • Total trees : 280 trees
  • Durian varieties:
    • 65% Black Thorn
    • 35% Musang King
View GalleryYear 2022

Phase 6

  • Launched in August 2022
  • Land size : 10 acres
  • Total trees : 450 trees
  • Durian varieties:
    • 90% Musang King
    • 10% Black Thorn
View GalleryYear 2022

Phase 7

  • Launched in September 2022
  • Land size : 4.5 acres
  • Total trees : 250 trees
  • Durian varieties:
    • 96% Black Thorn
    • 4% Tupai King
View GalleryYear 2022

Phase 7.2

  • Launched in June 2023
  • Land size : 5.5 acres
  • Total trees : 220 trees
  • Durian varieties:
    • 80% Black Thorn
    • 20% Tupai King, Musang King & Tekka
View GalleryYear 2023

Phase 8

  • Launched in January 2023
  • Land size : 5.7 acres
  • Total trees : 300 durian trees
  • Durian varieties:
    • 100% Black Thorn
View GalleryYear 2023

Why Durians?

LKE Group choses durian as the main focus of the agricultural project, LKE Musang Queen, due to the increasing retail price and demand.

In 2019, China imported :


tonnes of






(RM6.72 billion)

And from that amount, only 7,700 tonnes of durian, worth USD67 million (RM279.6 million), came from Malaysia.



With the proven high demand for durian in the Chinese market, it is no wonder that durian orchards, farms and plantations are highly attractive in the market.

A One-of-a-kind
Business Venture

Unlike eco-tourism, the LKE Legacy Plan is a partnership plan which encourages our partners to know more about and visit Manchis, Bentong, multiple times a year for them to keep abreast of its commercial value and growth opportunities. 


Moreover, LKE Group provides consultation services for landowners who are interested in venturing into durian-related businesses.

Bi-Annual Durian Festival

One of LKE Group’s prominent marketing campaigns is the Bi-Annual Durian Festival for all partners and their family members. 

Even in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, LKE Group still managed to organize the event in January 2021, partners and their family members turned up for the joyful occasion at LKE Glass House in Manchis to enjoy premium grade durian and other fruits together with sumptuous food buffet.

By encouraging more visitors, LKE Group will be able to develop and expand more businesses in Manchis, Bentong.

Dato Jackky Lim

“Rural unemployment pushes migrant to urban areas with more job opportunities. So, we create the opportunities in Manchis, Bentong.”

– Dato' Jackky Lim K.E.

LKE Legacy Plan

Manchis, Bentong is an underdeveloped area in Pahang. Over the years, the younger generation can be seen leaving their hometown to seek better job opportunities in other cities and states. 


Hence, the LKE Group has launched the LKE Legacy Plan to allow participation in the agricultural business in Manchis, Bentong, and at the same time create more job opportunities for the local community. 


Eventually, we can set a benchmark for other small villages and showcase that they too can develop a business that can put their town on the map.

Providing A Sustainable Profession

The LKE Legacy Plan offers great value to partners because the units owned by them under the partnership can be passed down as a family inheritance. 


Unlike conventional businesses, agriculture development has evolved to be self-sufficient and, at the same time, intertwined with other segments in the economy, particularly those in manufacturing, processing and distribution of raw materials, food and fibre, thus offering long-term growth prospects. 


Prior to the LKE Legacy Plan, LKE Group invested in and operated hydroponic farming in Manchis, Bentong, for three years. With its proven success, the business has created more job opportunities for the locals. Thus, LKE Group has decided to launch the LKE Legacy Plan as the maiden project under LKE Musang Queen.

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Let us help you with any inquiries or feedback. Our team would be happy to hear from you.