The Company

Emerging with great things.

LKE Group Sdn Bhd is a reputable agriculture developer dedicated to promoting agriculture, improving the local economy, and preserving its heritage. Our core operating segments comprise LKE Musang Queen, LKE Hydroponic Farm and LKE Bio Ginger Farm.

Grown from humble beginnings.

Since our humble beginnings as a family and agricultural business entity in Manchis, Bentong, Pahang, we have always believed in the importance of preserving the local culture and improving the development of agro-based industries, especially the sourcing of raw materials. 

 This is evident in the tremendous success of our hydroponic farming and durian businesses, whereby both projects have created new investment prospects for the town and more job opportunities for the local community.

By the community,
for the community.

Today, we have become synonymous with community building through agriculture and unmatched quality in every landscape we work on, gaining well-deserved praises from the local community and valued investors. However, we are far from complacent and will continue to do more great things for the community through agriculture.

A legacy of
good values and return.

LKE Group is much more than the fruits we grow. For three generations, we have been running agricultural-related businesses in Manchis, Bentong and continuously encouraging more local young talents to participate in agricultural businesses. 


To achieve the latter, we introduced the LKE Legacy Plan.

The LKE Legacy Plan.

This visionary plan rests on the fulcrum of sincerity as its core value and promises worthwhile investment for all valued stakeholders. 

Above all, the success of the LKE Legacy Plan in Manchis, Bentong will set an important precedent for future projects and other localities.

Science-based decisions for better yield.

With the increasing demand of the growing population, it is crucial to improve the efficiency and productivity of agriculture development by implementing smart farming through the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in the operations of LKE Group.

IoT can optimise our farming operations by:

These technologies include:

Always reaching new horizons.

Innovation – investing where it matters to farmers and nature.

Securing the future with agriculture.

A trendsetter of innovation.

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Let us help you with any inquiries or feedback.

Our team would be happy to hear from you.

Let us help you with any inquiries or feedback. Our team would be happy to hear from you.

Always reaching new horizons.

We have also expanded our operations by establishing LKE Natural Rubber, LKE Palm Oil, LKE Tropical Fruits, LKE Swiftlet Farming and LKE Ecotourism, and we strive to improve our product innovation and service delivery across all operating segments. Most importantly, we can nurture, protect and expand our forefathers’ legacy as we continuously work towards improving our business. 

Innovation – investing where it matters to farmers and nature.

This is what separates us from our competitors in the industry. By integrating farm technologies with our operations, we can transform the field of agriculture with the urbanisation of agricultural land, improving local land value and supporting real estate development while preserving agricultural land.

Securing the future with agriculture.

If we want our agricultural lands to continue producing food and sustaining our current and future generations, we must start taking better care of our lands. To do so, LKE Group will continue to create investment and employment opportunities in the agribusiness sector to improve the local economy while preserving its heritage.

A trendsetter of innovation.

Riding on the vision, we also aim to become a trendsetter in product innovation and agricultural methods. Above all, we firmly believe that we have the commitment and capability to enrich and change the lives of the community where we operate in.